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Summer 2015 Mrs. M's Camps!

Mrs. provides exciting camps connecting kids with Science, Art, History, Animals, Guest Animals & Leadership.   Nature Adventures & Fun-on purpose! 

Premium Camps!

Mrs. M's camps focus on field trips in Excelsior, Tonka Bay & Shorewood. Spend the summer with us at Lake Minnetonka! We'll visit local Excelsior businesses for exciting, exclusive tours! Each specialty camp has a theme we highlight throughout the week. Fun!


July 2014

  • July 14 AM: Joey Nova's Pizza & Jr. Chef Camp!                                               Learn how to make homemade pizza with local ingredients plus how to be a chef! Make a fun paper pizza wheel, a Nova's Pizza poster & cool chef hat! Field trips: Joey Nova’s, playgrounds, Lake Minnetonka, Gideon's Glen & Excelsior businesses.

July 14 PM: Scusi! Bunny/Fairy/Herb Garden & Nature Camp!            Plus Excelsior Bay Books; Nature books & Stories!

Learn to make a mini garden with your favorite character, bunny, or fairy, or make a mini herb garden. We visit the famous wishing wall at Scusi's, make a handmade nature book, & hear famous nature stories at E xcelsior Bay Books! Enjoy Excelsior's book clue tour & a historic snack under Oakley, Excelsior's 150+ year old tree! Memorable!



  • July 21 AM: Dock Cinema—Let's Make an Excelsior Kid's Movie!                     Do you like movies? Want to learn what makes a good movie about Excelsior with kids in our camp? We will learn the basics of making movies while filming in historic Excelsior. A tour of the history Museum will give us ideas! Special tours of Dock Cinema will have surprises & great fun! Don't miss this!

July 21 PM: Noah's Ark Pet Shop!    Excelsior Puppy Olympics!

Learn about different breeds of dogs as we make our own dog book and poster. See how many breeds of dogs we find through the week and enjoy our visiting dogs who try our agility course we create! Make a mini pet shop, dog map of Excelsior & learn how to make dog treats! All things k9 all week!


  • July 28 AM:Wells Fargo & Patisserie! Rising Stars & Bread Baking Camp! Learn how to make your money grow in a piggy bank plus the history of Wells Fargo horse & carriage in our special tour! Surprise treat! Learn how to make bread and watch it rise at Patisserie! Join our special tour as we learn about the wonderful breads they make at Patisserie! Taste tests all around. Surprise snacks!

July 28 PM: Tommy's Tonka Trolley Ice Cream Camp!

  •  Learn how to make ice cream, taste and create flavors! See why Tommy's is such a favorite in the area. We will create our own fruit ice cream to try. Make an ice cream poster, clay ice cream cone, and party supplies. Enjoy a grand beach party right there at Tommy's Tonka Trolley Ice Cream! Very cool!                                                        Special Surprise: Excelsior Brewery=root beer making tour!


Aug. 4 AM: Lake Minnetonka Marina & Yacht Club Fishing Camp!      Would you like to try fishing? We will fish on Lake Minnetonka for a few days. Bring your fishing pole and bait. Small fee for rental. No open reels or leeches, please. Plus visit the real Marina and/or the Yacht Club to learn what they do. We'll make Lake Minnetonka fish posters & clay fish. Learn about the fish that zoos & aquariums around the world have like Lake Minnetonka! A beach party will round out this event filled week!           It's O-fish-ial... all things fish!


Aug. 4 PM: Lake Country Builders/ Jr. Builder/Engineer/Designer

 Do you like to build or design? Are Legos or Lincoln Logs or drawings of rooms fun for you? Learn what builders, engineers & designers do! Special tours at Lake Country builders plus other Excelsior businesses will make this week grand. What is unique about old & new buildings? What are some of the oldest ones in Excelsior?  Building games, poster designs, & making a mini new building & an old mini castle. Great Building=Great Fun!


  • Aug. 11 AM: Jr. Rescue Team--South Lake Fire/Police & Animals-- Jr. Vet       & safety with a Military visit—a Veteran!   What do rescue people, like firefighters, police, military officers, or veterinarians do? What goes into rescue teams? Teamwork games all week - fun! We will visit a Fire station, Police station, and have a Veteran.. special military guest visit. We'll create our own Jr. Rescue team shirts, hats, and posters! Learn what to do if you see a baby bird or bunny on the ground, or a dog on the loose, or other things you should watch for.. Safety is #1! Be part of our Jr. Rescue Team!  We will also make our own cartoons about the rescuers we’ll know. They are real heroes!

Aug. 11 PM Gary's 1st Class Car Care & Shorewood Yacht Club--Cars & Sailboats – Speed!    Speedy cars, yachts, and sailboats! If you love boats and cars then this is the camp for you! Through the week we will see all kinds of boats plus tour Gary's 1st Class Car Care. We will learn the basics of how they work. Projects include a model car, mini sailboat and mini yacht model. Join our mini sailboat races and balloon boat races. Fun! Hurry in to join this speedy camp. Surprise transportation visits…..


  • Aug. 18 AM: Joey Nova's Pizza & Jr. Chef Camp II!  Lear n how to make handmade Italian pizza with local ingredients plus how to be a sandwich chef! Make a fun paper Italian pizza wheel, a Nova's sandwich poster & cool chef apron! Field trips: Joey Nova's, playgrounds, Lake Minnetonka & Beach, Gideon's Glen, & Excelsior businesses!

Aug. 18 PM: Dock Cinema—Make an Excelsior Kid & Puppy Movie!

 Learn the basics of making a movie & help us create an Excelsior movie about kids & dogs! We'll create a theme, characters, and some costumes for our movie. Guest dogs and Excelsior dogs will help make this movie fun A special tour of the Dock Cinema will make this a unique experience. Props! Lights ! Action!  Join us for a wild movie week!



  • Aug. 25 AM: Apple Days—Leipold’s & Historic Bird House Inn Camp! Learn the history of apples & Excelsior... Gideon. We will taste varieties of apples, do Apple art and try apple pie!. We'll talk about Apple history & the Bird House Inn history. Visit this historic inn... We get a special tour of the building, Gardens, and history museum to see it all. You'll love stepping back into history for all the fun events this week! Special Surprise: Excelsior Brewery=root beer making tour!

  • Aug. 25 PM: Tommy's Tonka Trolley Ice Cream Camp II!  Learn how to make specialty ice cream, taste & create new flavors! See why Tommy's is such a favorite in the area. We will create our own fruit ice cream to try. Make ice cream the old fashioned way with us. Make a mini ice cream shop and party supplies. Enjoy a grand beach party right there at Tommy's Tonka Trolley Ice Cream!  Very cool! Special Surprise: Excelsior Brewery=we’ll learn how to make root beer!

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