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Birthday Parties & Animal Grams!

Birthday Parties & Events: Large or Small at Excelsior History Museum or Your Place!


Love nature, history, animals, creativity, art & science? Have a Naturalist Birthday Party at the Excelsior History Museum or a place you choose! We include indoor & outdoor (weather permitting) activities, possible guest animals - (depending on the program), with additional add ons: custom crafts, arts, science projects & more. All geared to you & your customized, themed party!  We can do everything for you too if you like!  Let us know how to make this party great for everyone!


At History Museum or Southshore Center:  Your group gets 2 hours of a Naturalist party.  That is 1 1/2 hours of programming & 1/2 hr. cake & ice cream.  Your group needs to clean up & toss garbage.  The cost is $135.   If you want, we can do it all--2 hours of programming including cake, time, etc. & all clean up for $25 additional.  The parties are for the Birthday child, your family & 7 guests. Finally, a party you get to enjoy too!


It's $145 at your place for the 1 1/2 hr. party  with 1/2 hour for set up & take down.  (extra 1/2 hour of program= add'l $35)  The party is 1 1/2 hours of programming.  It is for the Birthday child, your family & 7 guests. All Parties include:  the instructor & 1 1/2 hrs. program of activities. 


Birthday Party Recommendations


Yes, Mrs. M customizes parties!   Generally we suggest our cool Naturalist party.  This includes a few animals and a Great Animal Show!  Choose an interest or theme - we incorporate it into a fun & creative experience!     



Recent Comments:

*Most stress free party we’ve ever had.  We had Mrs. M do it all… we didn’t do anything.  She told me she could do part or all — she even got the cutest theme cake for our daughter.   We are sold.  We will be back next year!    Thanks.   Brenda    

*I was tired of the Chuck E. Cheese mad scramble…I got to join my twins and enjoy at this party.      I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled at how much my twins and their friends loved their time with Mrs. M!   Lee

*A surprisingly fun Animal Show.  They even learned some things.   Great idea.  Thanks.   Jenkins.

* Thanks for making my son’s birthday so unique….we won’t forget it.  Our whole family enjoyed it.     Well planned, executed and presented.   You did it all well.   No stress.  My kind of party.     Johnson’s    

*One child had his mom call to thank us... and she said he kept telling her over and over how his party was his favorite birthday and he just didn't want it to end.    Everyone had a blast!  Michelle


Please note: We start the program on time. If we are off-site, at any place, we ask that people don't come into the area until 5 minutes before the event. Since we have animals that need to settle in, this works the best. We'll open doors or let people in at 5 minutes before the party. Thank you for understanding. You want to decorate? You'll have time to decorate during our hike (first thing, indoor or out).


 Parties can be scheduled any day of the week or evenings/Saturdays/Sundays, suggested Saturdays between 10-noon or 1-3pm or Sundays 1-3pm. Other times are available.   

 Make it special—Mrs. M's Style!

  • Naturalist— Animal Show! A few fun Guest animals & Customized Party!
  • Possible Themes: Jungle Party, Boats & Cars, Teddy Bear, Puppy Olympics, Space Party, Bunny Party, Dinosaur Party, Apple Day Party, Dinosaur Party, Volcano Party, Smores & Snacks Party, Animal Safari Party, Jr. Architect Party, Pioneer Party, etc.

Customized petting zoo! Caring! Please call for updated info and pricing.


Animal Grams - 20 min visit (in Excelsior or close by), fun addition to your event or day.



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